MISS HAYDEN  and  LIL' MISS HAYDEN are different than any other charter vessels operating in Southwest Florida in that they are built of Naval Grade Aluminum Alloy Materials.

The closest comparable vessels are those in service with the United States Government; United States Coast Guard Rescue, the Sheriff of Lee County, U.S. Homeland Security and the United States Navy. 

The construction feature Our Charter Boats have in Common with the vessels operated by USCG and US NAVY is the heavy duty WELDED ALUMINUM construction and advanced computer aided design. Another similarity not to be overlooked is that our vessels are purpose built, meaning they were both designed by Captain Frank from the ground up for the specific charter fishing task they are utilized for, we don't use generic, poorly designed and built "off the car lot" type vessels, like many charter services.

Every element of Miss Hayden was considered at length, and thoughtfully designed to maximize Fishability, Crew Comfort and Safety.    


The following section will go into detail regarding the evolution of our specialized and purpose built,

Gulf of Mexico - Offshore / Inshore Charter vessel "MISS HAYDEN".   

The multi-chamber welded design has many advantages; obviously having multiple, welded separate, flotation chambers is the precisely ideal design in terms of safety.  

MISS HAYDEN is 29' long and 10' wide, she was custom designed by Captain Frank and built by Bay Weld Boats of Homer, Alaska in 2017.

​Miss Hayden's decks being welded sealed and watertight.

​Underneath the deck of both our boats is obviously solid and strong, there are many separate chambers which are welded sealed and separated during the construction process, trapping many separate sections of air flotation inside. Multi-chambered design makes our vessels virtually indestructible and unbelievably  strong, durableandsafe should a unexpected storm arise. 

The multi-chamber welded design, is capped and sealed by a flush deck. "Flush Deck" design is the strongest and safest way to build a commercial or military grade Hull. Flush Deck means that water does not flow into the hull, to be later mechanically removed with a bilge pump system like most vessels, the decks are completely sealed and water only flows on top of the hull surfaces never penetrating inside the vessel.  

Lil' Miss Hayden's under decks are also a strong multi chambered design, with a sealed flush deck.

Under deck view of Miss Hayden

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Lil' MISS HAYDEN is 27' long and 9' wide, she was designed by Captain Frank and built by Pacific Boats of Seattle in 2012